Thursday, August 28, 2008


Leadership is about leading.
A group of people.
To what end?
To achieve an aim that is always bigger than the individual needs/ aspirations of each member of the group.
Who are the people who comprise this group of followers?
These are people who are totally taken up with the 'Vision' that is projected by the leader.
Is leadership always positive?
No. Sometimes it could lead people in a negative direction. Remember Hitler. He was a great leader but led people the wrong way. Gandhiji was a great leader who led people in the right direction.
Can leadership fool the people who are following?
Sometimes, but not for very long. Leaders always lead, and thus every follower is scrutinising the leader at all times. The leader has to walk the talk or else he looses credibility, and his leadership role.
How is the leadership role assigned in the military?
In the military the leader is appointed after being duly selected and trained. The leader then has to go and earn his leadership position with his troops or else he remains a leader by the books, but not in the hearts and minds of his troops. A true leader rules the minds and hearts of his troops. This kind of a leader can lead his troops into the valley of death, without anyone asking why, how, what.
Can leadership be learnt?
Yes. One needs to be fired with a vision that is much larger than oneself and the vision includes the needs/ aspirations of all those one thinks would follow him to fulfill the vision.


trek people said...

hi sir,
the article is thoroughly very good..

can u commment on any one quality which is must essentialy in a leader and according to u can leaders be created or there are born leaders??

J P Joshi said...

re: trek people query: Please read 'Good Leader???' in the same blog for a possible answer to your query.